Feasts for Beasts

A Beastars Cookbook fanzine

Preorders open from November 1 to December 15!

Zine FAQ/About

This is a fanzine inspired by the characters and world of BEASTARS by Paru Itagaki. Cook alongside your favorite BEASTARS characters!

What are the zine specs?
A4 size (roughly letter paper size) cooking magazine style publication, saddle stitched with about 44 satin-coated, full color pages.

What will the zine include?
Check out our shop listings for detailed info and pics!

I don’t cook much meatless food or I don’t know how to cook… should I still get this zine?
The zine focus is on meatless dishes, but most likely you can simply add in your favorite meat to a dish to make it fit your palate.
We also will have some meat recipe cards from the Back Alley Market available for purchase.
The recipes will have varying difficulty levels – some are more involved, but others may be easier for beginner chefs. If you don’t like cooking, the zine is absolutely worth it for the artwork. Also the profits will be donated to charity!

What’s the zine’s rating?
The zine is SFW but there may be some blood.
There will be no sexual or extremely gory and violent content.

Is this for profit or for charity?
This is a non-profit zine; the artists, chefs, and mods will not be paid, as all profits will be donated to Rise Against Hunger.

Do contributors get a free zine?
Yes, mods, chefs, and artists for Feasts for Beasts will all receive a free full bundle as compensation for their work.

When are preorders?
Nov 1 to Dec 15, 2020. Pre-orders will ship out in mid/late January 2021.

Why is the Etsy shop down?

Mod Pina (coldergeist) runs the shop and had 2 zine pre-orders back to back. Enamel pin production for the first zine was behind schedule and slowed down pre-order shipment for that zine. Etsy sees it as too many unfulfilled orders and forced the shop to go on vacation mode.We don't forsee any issues with Feasts for Beasts running behind schedule though, as the other merchandise manufacturers are very reliable and on schedule (no enamel pin for this zine)
Why aren't all the bundles listed?

There are a few bundle options that are on the pre-order graphics that we did not offer here because interest seemed low in those options. If you'd like to purchase one of those unlisted bundles, please email us and we can send you a Paypal invoice for it.
How can I get updates about the zine later in the year?
Follow us on social media for updates. All important news will be directed to our tumblr tag #updates.

Feel free to contact us at any time with question. You can also check out our Twitter FAQ thread and Tumblr answered asks to see if we've already answered your question.


We're pleased to announce our full zine contributor list.
Links to their social media are below, please give them your support!

chef Expectations

Create your own recipes (2 or 3) that reflect the characters' personality or their favorite foodOriginal recipe definition: dishes created completely from scratch OR have made at least 3 significant changes (substitutions, step modifications, and omissions of ingredients or cooking processes) to an existing recipeExample of insignificant change: 3 omissions of non-essential ingredients, such as dish toppings; omissions count as a modification if combined with substitutions and/or other modificationsWrite and proofread your own recipe using clear language and easy to follow instructions that even a beginner cook could follow; may have to work with layout mod to make further edits and fit the recipe within page limit


Have a love for cooking! You don't have to be a professional in the kitchen to apply as a zine chef!Provide 3 of your best recipes in your application. The recipes should be written using clear language that is easy for a beginner cook to follow (even if it is an advanced technique)Your recipes do not have to use complete sentences, but they should be free of grammatical and spelling errorsThey should showcase a variety of dishes, whether they are different meals or different dietary preferences (if the chef states that they want to cover only one meal then look at the variety of flavor and imagination put into the dishes)Propose a recipe for your Beastars character of choice. Briefly explain what is in the dish and how it reflects the character you've chosen (100 words or less)

zine artist Expectations

Produce a polished piece of artwork to be printed as a full, A4-sized illustration (either single page or a double-page spread)Check in with mods every month on Discord to update progress and submit a print-ready illustration by the deadlineSingle-page illustrators: work with the chef to depict your assigned character(s) and their recipe dish (some recipes may have 2 characters assigned)Double-page illustrators: create a full scene with background featuring multiple characters and foods for 1 of 5 section dividers (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snack) that represents the meal type


Your individual portfolio pieces do not need to meet every requirement; submit your best works so that your portfolio altogether meet our requirements. They do not all have to be Beastars fanart.
Possess good understanding of anatomy Artwork demonstrates ability to draw multiple characters in one illustration and draw characters with props in interesting posesDemonstrates ability to draw anthro charactersAble to illustrate food that looks appetizing and recognizableRequirement for cover and divider artists only: Able to render full, detailed backgrounds that aren't just solid color or patterns; lighting, color, perspective, composition, and atmosphere will be taken into consideration

merch artist Expectations

Produce polished artwork to be made into zine merchandise, such as die cut stickers, mini prints, bookmarks, coasters, etc.Check in with mods every month on Discord to update progress and submit a print-ready illustration by the deadline


Your individual portfolio pieces do not need to meet every requirement; submit your best works that together meet our requirements. They do not all have to be Beastars fanart.
Possess good understanding of anatomy Artwork demonstrates ability to draw characters with props in interesting posesDemonstrates ability to draw anthro charactersAble to illustrate food that looks appetizing and recognizableExperience with designing merch is helpful and preferred, but not required

Mod Expectations (general)

Work with other mods to create a zine that fits our visionPossess good communication, organization, and multi-tasking skills Maintain active role in Discord and respond promptly to messagesDiscuss opinions respectfully to make important decisions with mods and contributors (minimal communication with contributors is required to discuss graphics/formatting, but you can be as active as you like)Commit about 10 cumulative hours/week (on average) every month until December 2020/January 2021 (estimated end of leftovers sale) making graphics or formatting, communicating on discord, and possible other miscellaneous mod activities. Weekly hours are probably much more or much less depending on certain parts of creation period.

requirements (general)

Preference will be given to mods who can do both graphics and layoutPast experience in the role you are applying for is required! We require that you have experience in at least 1 COMPLETED zine, but if you also have a experience in graphic design and formatting printed magazines, books, etc., that can supplement your application. You will be asked to provide an informal resume that describes your prior zine responsibilities and their outcomes in the application. Click here for a link to a sample informal resume We may split it up into 2 positions and consider your application for 1 role if A) we also have a candidate whose skills complement yours, and B) your application demonstrates experience and skill in that role and you possess strong communication ability, teamwork skills, and ability to commit to this lengthy projectIntern experience might be considered, depending on your involvement in the project

References (optional)

Include 1 or 2 references if you'd like to strengthen your application! (It does not hurt your application if you do not have references)If you worked well with a mod on a particular project, and you have their permission to be contacted in order to discuss your work, please list their contact info (Discord, email, or social media account)
We would ask general questions about what it was like to work with you, such as:
Communication (capable of listening to others but also voicing your own opinions; if conflicts occurred, what were they and how were they resolved; were you overall respectful to other mods and contributors in your communications?)Timeliness (were you available and communicated regularly--checked into discord at least once every day to discuss things; did you complete tasks asked of you by the deadline?)Dedication (did you actively keep up with the project until completion?)Outcomes of your graphics/layout roles (if you worked with other mods to create the graphics, were there any issues in collaboration?; were there any major mistakes with formatting that delayed production/shipping or caused issue with the zine quality?)

graphics mod Expectations

Meet all of our general mod expectationsDesign and create the contributor spotlights and the full list, formatted optimally for each social media platformDesign and create the preorder and leftover listing images for storefront (Etsy) and other social media accounts (format optimally for each social media platform)Create templates and posts for various social media announcements, icons, banners (can format graphics optimally for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) --existing templates available

application requirements

Demonstrates ability to create aesthetically pleasing, yet visually accessible (readable) graphics that serve the zine’s existing vision and aestheticProficient with photo editing software (skilled in Photoshop or similar programs)Provides examples of prior zine graphic work (if you have only been in 1 zine, share any other graphic design work you have done professionally or for your own social media accounts)

layout mod Expectations

Meet all of our general mod expectationsCreate an aesthetically pleasing and easily readable zine layout in the style of a cooking magazine that emphasizes the full illustrations accompanying each recipeCreate a template with bleed and safety lines for artists to insert their zine illustration, and checking each art submission for the proper resolution and color profile Work with contributors to fit art and recipes into the page limit, providing previews for any pages as neededProvide multiple in-progress PDFs of the formatted zine to keep contributors updated on the project and allow other mods to proof and suggest revisions

application requirements

Demonstrates ability to create aesthetically pleasing, yet visually accessible (readable) zine layouts that serve the zine’s existing vision and aestheticProficient with formatting/layout software (skilled in InDesign or similar programs)Has experience formatting at least 1 physical zine with any printing company, and can show a final, physical product (this project will use Mixam to produce a saddle stitched A4 zine, and the layout is uploaded as single pages instead of a spread) Provides a resume explaining your past mod responsibilities in modest detail and then describe their outcomes (incomplete sentences in an outline form is fine, formality is not required :p )Outcomes include sharing PDFs of zines or screenshots of pages (such as table of contents, index of contributors, typical spread, etc.), as well as at least 1 photo of a physical zine spread to see how it printed

Meet the mods

We have 2 mods on the Feasts for Beasts team who are
dedicated to creating a beautiful cooking zine!

Mod Pina (coldergeist) - Head Mod; Communications, Graphics, Shipping, Finance, and Twitter management

Twitter | Instagram | Carrd | Tumblr

Past Experiences:
Katsukitchen vol. 1 and 2 mod (Shipping, Finance, Communications)Etsy and Storenvy seller since 2017Zine artist in 9 projects

Mod Legom (klunet) - Founder; Concept and Visual Development Mod; Cover Design, Artist, Instagram and Tumblr Management

Instagram | Tumblr

Past Experiences:
First time mod but participated as an artist in 7 zines and counting Designed book cover for personal client work, several logos for Nikki beach as well as ran a food InstagramAvid Beastars fan and dedicated veggie consumer


Please submit an ask on Tumblr so that your question can be posted for everyone to see. If you'd like, you can submit asks anonymously, or email us at [email protected] and we'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks!